For the past ten years, ACPF has organised training workshops for African Civil Society Organisations on a number of key themes, especially on Governance, Budgeting for Children, Harmonisation of Laws, Protecting Children from Violence, Abuse and Neglect, Promoting the Rights of Children with Disabilities in Africa, etc.


Today, in collaboration with partners such as Save the Children’s Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Office, ACPF organises training workshops every year in an effort to improve the implementation and the enforcement of children’s rights through enhancing the capacity of child rights governance institutions at the regional, sub-regional and national levels to play their role effectively. The overall goal of these workshops is to build the capacity of child-focused CSOs in Eastern Africa to monitor the implementation of the African Children’s Charter, and to engage effectively with the ACERWC. The workshops are attended by CSOs from Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Somalia, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Egypt, etc.  The topics covered include understanding the African Children’s Charter and its monitoring mechanisms; CSOs’ engagement with the Committee, including complementary reporting, participation in the Committee’s pre-sessions, and observer status; child rights monitoring and advocacy, including the role of CSOs in State Party Reporting; and child participation in child rights governance.


The training programmes provide CSOs with a better understanding of the Charter and the Committee’s work, as well as practical information on how to engage with the Committee. This knowledge will enhance the involvement of CSOs in monitoring child rights implementation and hence facilitate government accountability for fulfilment of the obligations under the ACRWC within the Eastern Africa region. Robust CSOs involvement in the implementation of the Charter will contribute to a better protection of children, as well as more effective ACERWC. 

Upcoming Events

CSO CApacity Building | Nov 2017

  • Enhacing effectiveness of child rights implementation
  • Promoting pathfinding initiatives for the prevention of VAC
  • The role of CSOs in National Child Law Reform Processes

Workshop for CSOs on Engagement with the Committee | Oct 2017

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