ACPF successfully launched two publications: The lives of children with disabilities in Africa: A glimpse into a hidden world and Educating children with disabilities in Africa: Towards a policy of inclusion at the Disabled Peoples’ International 8th World Assembly in Durban, South Africa.The publications provide a unique insight into the realities facing children with disabilities including a comprehensive study of current knowledge and perspectives on the education of children with disabilities on the African continent. Some of the findings are:

  • Despite the existence of strong legislative and policy frameworks which should protect the rights of children with disabilities, these are rarely implemented effectively, due to the fact that monitoring bodies established under the provisions of UNCRPD often have limited capacity and technical expertise to fulfil their roles.
  • Inadequate data on children with disabilities is another impediment, stemming partly from gaps in data collection, but also because prevailing attitudes of stigma and discrimination often lead to parents concealing their children with disabilities and failing to register their births.
  • Access to quality education for children with disabilities remains a major concern due to school inaccessibility and unsupportive teachers and learning practices.

The report also makes a number of key recommendations which, if fully implemented, could have a transformative effect on the lives and wellbeing of children with disabilities on the continent.

“The ACPF research offers probably the widest and deepest study on children with disabilities undertaken in Africa since the UNCRPD came into force,” said David Mugawe, Executive Director of the African Child Policy Forum.

“The findings and recommendations in this study shed stark light on the ways in which the injustices, neglect and exclusion still faced by children with disabilities can and must be eradicated.”

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