• Children and the Law
A regional examination of the extent of harmonisation of laws relating to children under the umbrella of the CRC was first mooted in 2003, at the First International Policy Conference organized by The African Child Policy Forum in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
  • Children with Disabilities
This synthesis report, Reasons for Hope: Good Practices Relating to Children with Disabilities from Kenya, Liberia and Mozambique, presents practices that have been proven to work in relation to creating inclusive laws, policies, programme and services.
  • Children and the Law
Today half-way between 1990 and 2015 when certain Millennium Development Goals (MDGS) were supposed to be achieved – such as reduction of hunger and poverty by half; child mortality by two-thirds, and maternal mortality by three-quarters, we see instead rampant poverty and degradation.
  • Child Wellbeing
The global economy and especially its poorest members, face a perfect storm. The crisis has been created by a Global LIE: leverage this is unfathomable, institutions that are discredited, and, experts who are uncertain about the uncertainty.

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