Dr Nkatha Murungi's interview with AfricaNews regarding the just-concluded Conference on Access to Justice for Children in Africa organised by ACPF & DCI.


An open letter in support of a 2019 Rights of the Child resolution on children without parental care

Alice Mapenzi Kubo has a M.Sc. in International Development Studies from the University of Amsterdam (2006) and a B.A. in Business Administration in Tourism Management from NHTV-Breda (2004). Since December 15, 2007, she works as Programme Manager for Africa at Child Helpline International (CHI), in Amsterdam.


She is the author of The Sustainability of Coastal Tourism (2009) and The Abolition of School Fees in Africa (2011). In 2009, she was one of the contributors to The Broker (Issue 13:24-25); and to the Alliance News (Issue 29:33-35) of Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women, in 2008. Alice Kubo, through her work as Programme Manager for Africa at Child Helpline International, continues to support CHI partners in Africa in their efforts in child protection through offering technical support and linking partners with like-minded organisations; and advocating on behalf of CHI partners, at regional and international conferences/platforms.