I was asked to say something about what ACPF is for me. Normally, one would answer such a question from an organizational perspective, but an organization is nothing more (nor less) than the people that together constitute that institution. As I happen to know the people that build and now constitute that organization, I feel I can say something about not just the institution, but about the staff of ACPF, too.
For me, ACPF is one of only a handful of truly pan-African organizations that have the legitimacy to speak on behalf of children in Africa. Although its identity is rooted in universal human and child rights instruments and although it is informed by child rights activists, academia and policy makers from around the world, it is staffed by people that were born from African parents, were raised in African value systems and bring up their own children in the reality of Africa today. From the stories their children tell them, form what they see with their own eyes as the walk home from doing their groceries, and from discussing politics with their friends and families, these people know what it means to live in Africa: the good, the bad, and the ugly. They live the changes that are happening, they feel what goes well and needs to be encouraged, and know what goes not so well and needs to be challenged. ACPF is a group of people that initiate work from their heart, but then uses their intellectual powers to research the facts, their networks to share knowledge and experiences, and are not afraid to challenge duty bearers to do what is in the best interest of the African child.
Having had the privilege to have worked with ACPF from its inception, I wish ACPF to take centre stage in setting the agenda for African children. Continue to champion those that are forgotten, neglected, overlooked, abused and violated. If those that have the power to make a difference would only listen to what you have to say on behalf of the children, Africa is going to be an even much better place to live!
Toast to another decade of putting Africa's children first!

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