Children involved in the justice system are mostly victims of various psychosocial problems. The provision of a legal aid service alone cannot solve their multifaceted problems. These children in the justice system also need educational support, medical support, shelter, counseling, nutritional support, reunification with family, etc. These services are mostly required temporarily until the legal issue that affected their rights and interests are solved.

In the case of the CLPC, a lot of children that would have otherwise been exposed to secondary victimisation due to lack of psychosocial support are being provided with these services through a referral system that refers children in need of these services to institutions that are mandated to provide these services and are members of the referral network.  This is quite an essential aspect of the work of the CLPC and it should be sustained for continuity purposes.

Zahara Legesse Kaufman, MSW, Consultant,

Child, Adolescent, Adult, Couple and Family Therapy

Assessments, Trainings, Retreats and Supervision