The Children’s Legal Protection Centre (CLPC) is established to provide legal protection to children through various interventions such as the provision of legal aid, psychosocial support and capacity building of key actors.


When a child or his/her representative approaches the CLPC seeking legal aid, a legal counsellor is appointed on her/his behalf to deal with the legal issue. However, as earlier and current experience of CLPC shows, those children seeking legal assistance are often in need of psychosocial services such as shelter, food, medical services, educational support, transportation, etc. In such instances, the psychosocial needs of the children become a priority concern that requires an immediate response, because if not adequately addressed, this could cause a damaging effect on the wellbeing of the child and in building up the child’s legal case as well.  


Evidently, the provision of psychosocial services directly to a child is beyond the objective and mandate of the CLPC. Instead, the CLPC has tried to put in place a mechanism where children involved in the justice system requiring such services are referred to psychosocial service providers whom the CLPC has a formal agreement with. This referral system enables the CLPC to address the needs of the children in a holistic and integrated manner.


However, there are still exceptional circumstances where a child approaching the CLPC may not be able to obtain essential psychosocial services immediately for various reasons such as lack of accommodation space, temporary closure of service, and/or absence of institutions providing the specifically required service. The child might not have a place to spend the night, he/she might not have the means to travel back to the place he/she came from, he/she might not have any food to eat, or he/she might not have the possibility to get immediate medical examination. Unless these and other related immediate psychosocial needs of the child are sufficiently met, there is a possibility that the child may experience irreversible physical or emotional damage at most or, at least, the CLPC may not succeed in the litigation process. Therefore, it is crucial that the immediate needs of the child are addressed sufficiently until such time he/she is referred to a psychosocial service provider or until the completion of the legal case.


It is on the basis of this rationale that ACPF introduced this initiative – The Victims’ Fund – which aims at creating a centralised fund from financial contributions of volunteers. This Fund shall be used to cover those immediate and necessary costs of children in need.

The Fund is centrally administered at ACPF based on a guideline for management of the funds developed by the staff of ACPF and CLPC. Clear procedures are put in place in terms of approval of beneficiaries of the fund as well as expenditures to be covered by the Fund. The Fund is managed by a Staff Committee of three, representing ACPF and CLPC staff.  Although this is purely a staff initiative, ACPF provides the required financial management to ensure transparency with regards to the utilisation of the funds.


The Fund shall only cover those expenses until such time when the child gets relevant support or services from other service providers or any other dependable benefactor.  Where a service provider or dependable benefactor cannot be found, the Fund shall only extend until such time that the case of the child is finalised by the CLPC.


Any interested person can make contributions to the Fund. Anonymous donations are also accommodated. The contribution shall, as much as possible, be made in cash for the purpose of easy administration of the Fund. Donations in kind could however be allowed in exceptional circumstances. The contribution can be made on a regular basis such as monthly and annually or could as well be a one-time donation. The amount of one-time contribution to the Fund shall not be less than BIRR 50.00. The Fund shall be deposited into ACPF’s account and all appropriate financial and accounting regulations and standards shall be duly complied with in all the transactions.


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The Children’s Legal Protection Center (CLPC)

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It is believed that all activities carried out by CLPC under the four programmes since 2005 have contributed to the overall improvement in accessing justice to children.

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