We are an independent, not for profit, pan-African institution for policy research and advocacy on children in Africa. Our work is rights-based, inspired by universal human rights values and informed by global experiences and knowledge. In partnership with governments and rights-based organisations in Africa and around the world, we aspire to contribute to the realisation of “All rights to all children”.

More specifically, we aim to:

  • contribute to improved knowledge on the varied and changing conditions of children in Africa and on effective policies and implementation mechanisms;
  • speak out against child rights violations anywhere and everywhere;
  • monitor and report the performance of African governments in fulfilling their treaty and constitutional obligations in the realisation of child rights and child wellbeing;
  • provide forums for consensus building and policy dialogue; and
  • promote and support an Africa-wide movement for children.


Our vision is “An Africa where every child enjoys all rights and develops to reach his or her full human potential.”


Our mission is to work towards “A More Child-friendly and Accountable Africa.”

Guiding Principles

Our work is guided by the following principles and values:

  • Rights-based. We are guided by the principle of the Best Interest of the Child and by the rights and obligations imbedded in African and international human rights instruments;
  • Realism and context-relevant. We recognise the need to situate our analyses and actions within the specific socio-cultural, economic and political African realities that impact on children;
  • Truth. We always remain faithful to Truth that, on one hand, appreciates the positive in our cultural values and beliefs but, on the other hand, exposes practices and beliefs that are manifestly harmful to children;
  • We back our policy advocacy work wherever possible with knowledge and statistical and scientific evidence;
  • African ownership. We take pride in our past achievements but we take responsibility for our present condition and the road ahead
  • Constructive engagement. We engage with Governments constructively by showing the gaps in policy and practice, and by providing support and showcasing lessons from good practices.