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ToR - Study on Crimes and Extreme Forms of Violence against Children in Benin

African Child Policy Forum (ACPF) has been on the forefront of generating knowledge on the situation of violence against children in Africa including crimes and extreme forms of violence against children. These forms of violence are seldom talked about and rarely addressed through legislative frameworks. In 2016, ACPF dedicated its Seventh International Policy Conference on the African Child on the issue and provided insights particularly into the phenomenon of violence against children accused of witchcraft, mutilations and killings of children in order to harvest body parts and infanticides of children with disabilities and children with albinism.

The African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child (ACRWC) and the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) place clear obligations on State Parties to protect children from such horrific violence. However, the continent’s overall track record thus far has been woefully inadequate. Robust data and evidence that can break the invisibility of such heinous crimes against children and challenge its social acceptance is still lacking in the region. What is often available is anecdotal evidence which is insufficient for countries to inform or reform their laws, policies and mobilise their communities. 

It is in light of this significant gap on evidence on the scale, drivers and existing protective aspects of social practices that can support the abandonment of crimes and extreme violence in Africa that ACPF is planning to undertake an in-depth study on crimes and extreme violence against children in Benin to build the evidence base for action.

The purpose of this TOR is, therefore, to invite interested consultants from Benin to submit technical and financial proposals to undertake a study that examines the issue of crimes and extreme forms of violence against children in Benin.




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