Sexual Exploitation of Children in Africa: A Silent Emergency

  • Violence Against Children
Pages: 149
Year of Publication: 2019
Country: Africa
Violence against children is a “silent emergency" of our time, as UN Secretary General Antonio Gutierrez has said;1 and sexual exploitation is one of its most egregious manifestations. A large proportion of women and children are victims of sexual exploitation, and continue to be subjected to sexual servitude by rich and powerful men who use manipulative tactics involving money and coercion and, more often than not, breach positions of trust in order to do so. Worryingly, sexual violence has become a fast evolving crime, taking on more sophisticated and technology-facilitated tactics. New opportunities and breakthroughs that advance human progress and facilitate human interconnectedness have brought with them intractable child protection concerns. A new, virtual world, highly unfettered and predatory, has made our children unsafe even within the confines of their homes. Explosive leaps in technological advances and travel have made it possible for offenders on the move to sexually exploit children travelling across continents with little detection. Sexual exploitation has become a serious problem that is growing fast and taking on new forms. It is a practice that dehumanises children, deprives them of their dignity, and robs societies of productive futures. Child sexual exploitation has never been and will never be an inevitable human condition. It is preventable, and it can and should be eliminated. And we have the means to make that happen.
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Published by: African Child Policy Forum (ACPF)
Author: African Child Policy Forum (ACPF)
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