Crimes and extreme violence against children in Africa: A glimpse into our hidden shame

  • Violence Against Children
Pages: 47
Year of Publication: 2016
Country: Africa

It is a well recognised fact that, “Human beings are inviolable. Every human being shall be entitled to respect of his life and integrity of his person. No one may be arbitrarily deprived of this right.” Yet many children in Africa are victims of crimes and extreme violence that are often fatal. However, these are seldom talked about or reported as they take place in absolute secrecy within the domestic setting or only with the knowledge of an elite circle of community elders. Equally saddening, is the fact that the predominant majority of legislative frameworks are silent on these issues. Given these circumstances, and Africa being a continent where only 44 per cent of births and 26 per cent of deaths are registered, most of these children remain unaccounted for.

The African Union has declared 2016 the African Year of Human Rights. It is our moral obligation and our duty to initiate research studies on the subject and collectively discuss these issues and the findings of the research in our International Policy Conference on the African Child. This will be followed through with a multi-year programme to contribute to Africa’s efforts in ending all forms of violence against children on the continent. We will implement the programme in partnership with relevant national, sub-regional, pan-African, and global actors.

This Report is the summary of an extensive review of the available evidence on the extent, causes and impacts of crimes and extreme violence against children in Africa, with a particular focus on infanticides and mutilations of children, including those related to witchcraft and occult practices. The Report also presents a seven-point call for action.

We sincerely believe that this Report would contribute to further investigation and research and to inform policy and programme development around these issues in Africa and

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