Combating Violence Against Children: A Framework for Civil Society Advocacy

  • Violence Against Children
Pages: 61
Year of Publication: 2014
Country: Africa

The advocacy framework is comprised of seven sections, the first is the introduction. Section two focuses on  the  key  findings  of  the  Report,  in  summary  form.  Section  three  describes  the  aims  and  objectives  of  the  advocacy framework:  why  one  is  needed,  how  one  identifies  the  audience  or  target(s)  to  whom  advocacy  will  be  addressed,  and  what  messages  or measures  are  employed  to  effect  social  and  other  forms  of  change.  Section  three  then  becomes  more  specific,  as  it  reviews  the  advocacy  priorities  drawn  directly  from  the  Report.  These  are  five the  actions  called  for  in  the  Report,  and  hence  the  advocacy  framework should match these. There are five specific objectives, each of which is discussed in turn.  This is followed by section four  which describes target audiences, both primary and secondary. Sections three,  four  and five  must  be  read  in  conjunction  with  the  logframe  for  action,  which  is  developed  insection six.  The  logframe  complements section five,  outlining  priority  issues  for  advocacy,  and  what  this  advocacy aims to achieve (object of influence). Attention to the priorities spelt out in section 3.2 will guide the  choice  of  actions  and  target  audiences  (sections  four and five),  which  can  then  be  recorded  in  an  implementation and work plan (Appendix 1). Section 7 includes a brief section regarding implementation, highlighting  the  main  forms  of  communication  and  advocacy  that  can  be  used.  A  section  on  monitoring and  evaluation  (Appendix  3)  concludes  the  substantive  aspects  of  the  document,  which  ends  in  a  conclusion and set of references.

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