Child Poverty in Tanzania

  • Child Poverty
Pages: 35
Year of Publication: 2009
Country: Africa

Tanzania is among the poorest countries in the world, ranking 159th in the Human Development Index in 2005. It is characterised by especially high and persistent rural poverty,2 with the additional burden caused by the HIV epidemic worsening the level and spread of poverty. There is evidence of continued improvement in economic indicators.

There has also been some progress in some social indicators, such as child malnutrition, education and under-five mortality. Enrolment rates in primary education continue to be high, and there are reported reductions of drop-out rates and improvements in examination results. There have been recent reductions in rates of infant and under-five mortality, as well as in child malnutrition. However, improvements in economic indicators have not been large and wide-spread enough achieve the targets for poverty reduction among rural households. Moreover, progress has been unconscionably slow in a number of dimensions of well-being. More equitable allocations of resources, including trained staff, are needed to ensure that the poor and those in rural areas also benefit from these successes. 

Language: English
Published by: African Child Policy Forum (ACPF)
Author: Eric Shemweta Guga
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