Children with Disabilities in Africa: Challenges and Opportunities

  • Children with Disabilities
Pages: 95
Year of Publication: 2011
Country: Africa

Disability in Africa can be attributed to a number of factors, including communicable disease, war, accidents, and inadequate prenatal and neonatal health care services. it is now established that many disabilities can be traced to povertyinduced illnesses and a lack of resources with which to obtain proper nutrition and preventive and curative healthcare services. The absence of timely and adequate health care and rehabilitation causes long-lasting or permanent impairments and disabilities. 

Children with disabilities and their families constantly face social, political and economic barriers that adversely affect their development and prevent them from being included in society and enjoying their basic human rights to the fullest. As a consequence, the strengths and abilities of children with disabilities go unnoticed, their potential is consistently underestimated, and their needs are given low priority in the allocation of resources.

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Published by: African Child Policy Forum (ACPF)
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