The 5th International Policy Conference on the African Child: Intercountry Adoption: Proceedings

  • International Policy Conference on the African Child (IPC)
Pages: 50
Year of Publication: 2012
Country: Africa

It is estimated that there are over 58 million orphaned children in Africa. Africa has for generations relied on informal alternative care mechanisms such as the community and the extended family system for support and survival of those in need, especially children. however, there is now an increasing disintegration of the informal alternative care systems, at the result of which many children are put up for adoption across the world.

Africa is the only continent where intercountry adoption is on the increase, while adoptions from all other continents have decreased in recent years, yet only 13 African countries have ratified the hague convention on intercountry Adoption. There is a serious and growing concern among governments, as well as human and child rights advocates that intercountry adoption poses serious risks and challenges. much as some children benefit from the adoption system, experiences from some countries suggest that intercountry adoption is marred with serious institutional and procedural problems and challenges.

The fifth international Policy conference on the African child (iPc) was held on 29 and 30 may 2012 in Addis Ababa, ethiopia and brought together experts, policymakers and key stakeholders to discuss various issues and the implications of intercountry adoption in Africa. The African child Policy forum (AcPf) organised the conference with technical and financial support from investing in children and their Societies (icS) and Plan international. Among those attending the conference were Government officials, representatives of the African committee of experts on the rights and Welfare of the child, un agencies, the African union commission and other international and nongovernmental organisations, members of civil society organisations, and members of AcPf’s international Board of Trustees.

All the five international Policy conferences (iPcs) to date were aimed at raising awareness of circumstances affecting children, with the goal of promoting the protection and rights of the African child. The previous four iPcs focused on the following issues: 

• The African child and the family (2004)
• Violence against Girls in Africa (2006)
• child Poverty in Africa (2008)
• Budgeting for children (2010).

The primary objectives of the fifth IPC were to provide a platform for sharing information and experiences on intercountry adoption; to promote action on this form of adoption; consistent with the best interests of the child and to adopt a Pan-African framework on intercountry Adoption.

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