Child-Friendliness Index Revisited

  • Child-Friendliness Index
Pages: 62
Year of Publication: 2018
Country: Africa

To advance its pan-African advocacy on enhancing accountability to children, the African Child Policy Forum (ACPF) developed a framework for measuring and monitoring governments’ performance in realising the rights and wellbeing of children. This framework, called the Child-Friendliness Index of African Governments, is an objective measure and analytical framework for assessing compliance with child rights obligations. It is being used as tool with which to advocate for greater commitment to children and more effective implementation of their rights. The Child-Friendliness Index of African Governments was first introduced to the wider public on November 20, 2008, with the Nairobi launch of the first edition of the African Report on Child Wellbeing series – one of ACPF’s flagship products. This report, entitled The African Report on Child Wellbeing 2008: How child-friendly are African governments?, laid the foundation for linking governance with the realisation of children’s rights and wellbeing. It also introduced the notion of quantifying and reviewing governments’ child-friendliness in light of their obligations to fulfil these rights.

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Published by: African Child Policy Forum (ACPF)
Author: African Child Policy Forum (ACPF)
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