The African Report on Child Wellbeing 2023: Justice Not Charity: African Governments Must End Child Poverty

  • The African Report on Child Wellbeing
Pages: 142
Year of Publication: 2023
Country: Africa
This Report is the seventh in the African Report on Child Wellbeing series, a flagship biennial publication of the African Child Policy Forum (ACPF). It is a revealing account of yet another threat to African children – child poverty. The Report provides extensive evidence on the state of child poverty in Africa and tells a sad tale of the plight of millions of Africa’s children. It uses statistical analysis, the Provision Index, to assess and rank the performance of African governments in addressing child poverty. It also exposes the inter-play between social, economic and political factors driving more children into poverty. The Report makes a strong case that eradicating child poverty is first a legal obligation but is also a strategic social, political and development undertaking. It identifies areas where progress has been made, highlights gap, showcases good practices that have proven effective in addressing child poverty and sets out six priority areas for action. It also underscores the urgency with which governments must end the injustice of child poverty and warns that failure to do so will have grave consequences for Africa and its children.
Language: English
Published by: ACPF
Author: ACPF
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